2015 Polaris Slingshot First Ride


Yes, it is true, Polaris made roadster with three wheels and you can watch it right here, right now.

It has traction control, ABS, program for electronic stability, and in this feature, you can check it out in action. It has GM engine and many people did not like that info, but it is sick vehicle and don’t bother with those GM tags on the engine. Some people did not like three wheels idea, but no one can please everybody’s taste for vehicles. Video was uploaded on Motorcycle USA official Youtube channel and it has more than five hundred thousand views so far. More than nine hundred people clicked like button, and less then one hundred people clicked dislike button. Polaris presented more than twenty new vehicles three years ago, and organization for Minnesota is in a position to test all of those cars and vehicles and have a great time. New Slingshot is three-wheeler that goes as fast as a spider. It has being developed for a long time, and this ride looks like a trike.

Front wheels are arranged before the driver’s seat. You do not lean on the back drive of a Slingshot; you sit next to each other with your traveler. It has windscreen and cockpit, and many people called in sports bike. Underneath the polymer body, there is high-quality steel. Cost is not that low, but it has everything you need. It is very unusual looking, and you will turn heads whenever you go. Check out this video and have a great time with your friends.