2009 HD Air ride – Brown’s Bagger

2009-HD-Air ride – Brown's-Bagger

This is the bike you have searched for years!

It is a Brown’s Bagger, and you can check it out in action right now, in this awesome feature. Video was uploaded in 2011, on BlingBaggers Youtube channel, and it has more than two hundred and fifty thousand views so far. More than four hundred people clicked like button, and around twenty people clicked dislike button. This is the bike which turns heads whenever it goes. People like this Brown’s Bagger, and in this feature, you can check out its gliding on the street. Video lasts two minutes and twenty seconds. What is bike anyway? It is a vehicle with two wheels which can transfer you from point A to point B as fast as you can, right? Wrong! Bike is really much more than that. It is not just a vehicle, it is your pet and best friend. If you like bikes, you know what we are talking about.

You have special connection with your bike, you cherish it every day, you want to keep it nice and clean, and when you drive it, you feel very prowd and excited. Check out this 2009 Street Glider HD Air ride. This guy really knows how to ride a bike. Many people noticed this bike on the street, and excellent news travel very very fast. We did not hear about this exciting model before, but when we saw this video, we knew that we have to share it with all of you right away. Why?